stereotypical Digital Nomad in Asia image working at a cafe
My First Night in Chiang Mai Thailand with Digital Nomad Friends Yan Yan and Thomas. Rip Christian

How are Digital Nomads coping with the lockdown?

For this year 2020 at least I think the established Digital Nomads are in good shape partly because most will benefit from the rest of the world spending more time online than ever. They had a period of 5 years to ramp up their knowledge and skills to make a sustainable living without the need to return back to their home countries. They are highly independent and it is normal for them to solo travel and work in isolation at home or from a co-work space or cafe.

the Coco Kala cowork space in Chiang Mai January 2020



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Greg Hung

Greg Hung


Hi I'm Greg. I'm a South African Canadian Travel Videographer aka Global Citizen. Where to Find Me: Visit my Website